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Working Together

At Beyond the Basics Inc. we have a passion for real estate that manifests itself in several different ways.

First, we focus on buying and renovating real estate for a wide variety of reasons which all include creating beautiful, affordable, luxurious accommodations for our work and travelling clientele as well our most discerning long-term tenants.

When we don’t keep these upscale properties for our own guests, we sell them to home buyers who are looking to move into a home that has already been properly renovated with above average features and benefits.

You will also find us “flipping” houses. This is our specialty since we come from years of background in the construction industry and have completed many successful renovations. This part of our business provides our lenders with generous returns on their investments.

Our goal with all of these properties is to provide you with a home, or a home away from home that meets your every need.

If you are a potential buyer looking for a new home, or a lender looking for much more generous returns on your investments, see our services page or contact us to see what we have available or how we can work together.

Real Estate Redefined

Beyond The Basics provides clean, comfortable, upscale accommodations for a wide variety of needs, because everyone should have the opportunity to live Beyond the Basics.

Short Term Executive Rentals

Are you an executive looking to come to the area for work? Or maybe you are in between homes for a while? Our fully furnished, fully stocked executive rentals are in great locations… read more
Executive Gallery


If you are a traveler looking for a quiet, clean place to stay while you are in the area, you have come to the right place. We have beautiful, self-contained rentals… read more
Airbnb listing

Long Term Rentals

Have you been looking for a nice, clean, comfortable, safe place to call home with no luck? We specialize in making our home, your home. Our rentals are clean and reasonably priced… read more
Long Term Gallery

Property Rehab

If you are looking to sell your home and you don’t want the stress and hassle of doing repairs, staging, having to keep your home in tip top condition for showings, then CALL US… read more
Rehab Gallery

Let’s Work Together!

We are focused on building financially
secure futures for our clients.